A Healthy Colon – Taking that Flush


Recently I’ve been talking to some friends and have also been to see a Naturopathic Doctor. ND for short. I don’t like what I am feeling in my body. My sweat is much more salty than ever before and I get flatulence and bloating more than I would like. Sometimes it feels like the food I eat is staying in my stomach longer than it should be there. Sometimes five hours after I eat I still feel a fullness in my stomach. Plus, I’m getting too many bumps on my face. I drink lots of water but still my skin feels really dry of late, especially the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. The ND said that according to the diet I told him I had, he was not seeing the signs that my body was benefiting. After a series of tests he said that my body was not absorbing the nutrients from the food I was eating and he put me on a Probiotic, Esdifan, recommended Zinc tablets and that I see him again in a few weeks time. I have started that regimen with some relief. One of my friends recommended that I try a cleanse, stating that I may have parasites that are robbing me of essential nutrients. Eeekk! The thought of creepy crawlers inside me is gross in itself but the thought of them eating my food before I get to digest it angers me. The selfish little critters! *deep breath* When I hear cleanse I immediately think Colonic. Colonic irrigation also known as colon hydrotherapy, colonic hydrotherapy, or a “colonic”, is a treatment which is used “to wash out the contents of the large bowel by means of copious enemas using water or other medication. Click here for more on Colonics.

The Last Time
I had one about 10 years ago for the same bloated feeling and although I felt great after and the colonic pretty much solved the problem, I was not so excited to repeat that process since I didn’t like the discomfort I felt during the process. The feeling of a probe being inserted back there, the rush of the liquid filling your abdomen and the subsequent, frequently repeating “birth pangs” as you push it and the other wonderful contents of your colon out are too much of a “joy” to be experienced so often, in my opinion. I know, I know, it’s been a long time right? 10 years? But, this time I pass. This week I start the cleanse my supplementation expert friend Paula had suggested. It’s a 30 day program and I will keep you updated on my progress. Here’s a link to my friend’s website and the product I will be using.  Have you had a purge/cleanse before? What products do you use?

Have a Great Day and Enjoy the rest of Your Month! 

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