Reflexology in Barbados

A personal experience

When I was in training for my ITEC UK certification in massage, I was an avid fitness ‘buff’ and unaware of Reflexology in Barbados at the time. Beach and boardwalk runs almost every other day and weight training the days I didn’t run were my routine.  At this point I have a painful neck and I am urinating much too often and its been going on for about 3 weeks.  The second year students at my school and clinic are studying about the feet. A point of study also involved  is how a client’s sore muscles can be eased without even touching that muscle directly.

Models or Guinea pigs?

During this time we are called on to be guinea pigs, or should I say, models. These second years to do their practice treatments on us. This week it’s my turn and I am all tensed up from giving so many massages for my case studies. The thought of having someone work on me for a change is inviting and I am ready to jump on that massage table.  The day comes, I enter the room, get on the table and lay back. It’s as if I was going to have a massage. The therapist however presses gently but firmly on different points on my feet only. My feet being touched and the calming music takes me away so within 15 mins I’m off to sleep. I get up and realize the treatment had lasted for 45 mins.

Thorough Reflexology in Barbados

It’s all done now and she tells me she gave extra attention to my neck and also suggested I check on my bladder. It helps to rule out infection since she noticed some imbalances down there. Mind you, this is amazing to me at the time since she only works my feet. She can give all of that feedback from just my feet? Not touching anywhere else, she was able to tell me these things without me telling her a thing about what was affecting me.

A believer : Reflexology in Barbados and beyond

Now after having many other Reflexology treatments in Barbados, I can attest to the fact that it works for me. I’m a believer. When I get up from that table after that first treatment my neck pain is gone.

Reflexology in Barbados

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