TUTCH Mobile Spa | Barbados Massage | On Demand 2019

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The TUTCH Light Pressure Massage

30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins
A light touch applied with pampering in mind. One steady pressure throughout.

The TUTCH Adjustable Pressure Massage

30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins
Our most popular option, targeting specific areas of tension in your body, to relieve your problem areas, muscle fatigue and tension. The pressure in this massage is fully customizable to your requests. It can range from light relaxing strokes to firm pressure that’s deeper than the average, to ensure that deep-seated tension leaves your body.  For example you may want the therapist’s pressure to be lighter on the front of your legs and lighter on your back. If you want to really feel your massage, let the therapist know during the massage, when to apply a little more pressure.  This treatment can be tailored to any pressure you require and is fully customizable.


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Our Spas in Barbados
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There are many wonderful spas in Barbados if you are interested in going to a spa. Coral Reef, The Spa, Serenity Spa, Chakra Spa. What we offer is an  exceptional experience where we bring the spa to you at your Barbados Villa or Hotel.

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