Massage Barbados Treatments

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The TUTCH Light Pressure Massage

30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins
A light touch applied with pampering in mind. One steady pressure throughout.

The TUTCH Adjustable Pressure Massage

30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins
Our most popular option, targeting specific areas of tension in your body, to relieve your problem areas, muscle fatigue and tension. The pressure in this massage is fully customizable to your requests. It can range from light relaxing strokes to firm pressure that’s deeper than the average, to ensure that deep-seated tension leaves your body.  For example you may want the therapist’s pressure to be lighter on the front of your legs and lighter on your back. If you want to really feel your massage, let the therapist know during the massage, when to apply a little more pressure.  This treatment can be tailored to any pressure you require and is fully customizable.


Body Scrub

45 mins
With ingredients that are homegrown and natural to our island we treat you to our intensely moisturizing body scrub enriched with cane sugar and moisturizing oils.

Body Wrap

60 mins
Again with ingredients that are homegrown and natural to our island we help you to stimulate your body systems and eliminate impurities in the body.


Standard polish choices

Gel Polish choices

60 mins
This treatment includes removal or dead/hard skin, exfoliation, cuticle treatment and sensational massage to the feet, concentrated on releasing the tension there. Your feet and entire body will feel refreshed and you will step away from this experience ready to rule the world.


40 mins
A deluxe hand and nail treatment that leaves the skin and nails in excellent condition. This treatment incorporates polish application and our wonderful calm Hand Massage Barbados Treatment.

Deep Cleanse Facial

60 mins
A prescriptive facial using essential oil-based products that revive your skin tone and improve appearance.

Men’s Facial

45 mins
Specifically for men this treatment combats under eye circles, stress and the brightens the entire face including the shaving site. We incorporate a stimulating massage of the face and scalp.

Whether you are here after searching the Barbados forum, looking for a massage therapist, a therapeutic massage or a day spa. We come out to you to deliver exceptional service.


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