Reflexology in Barbados


A personal experience. When I was training for my ITEC UK certification in massage, I was an avid fitness ‘buff’, taking in beach and boardwalk runs almost every other day and weight training the days I didn’t run. I had somehow developed a painful neck and a problem with frequent urination which was going on for about 3 weeks.  At that time the second year students at my school where studying about the feet and among other things how a client’s sore muscles could be eased without even touching that muscle directly. Sometimes we would act as guinea pigs..uhh models, for these second years to do their practice treatments on. I remember being called on to be a model.  I was all tensed up from giving so many massages to my friends to complete my own case studies, that the thought of having someone work on me for a change was inviting. Needless to say, I was in.  I lay back as if I was going to have a massage, but the therapist pressed gently and firmly on different points on my feet. Within 25 mins I was sleeping. The treatment lasted 45 mins. When it was done the therapist was able to tell me that she had given extra attention to my neck and suggested that I should check to see if I had a bladder infection because she noticed some imbalances there. This was amazing to me at the time. She had just worked on my feet and had not touched anywhere else. She was able to tell me these things without me telling her anything about what was affecting me at the start. Now after having many other Reflexology treatments for other problems since, I can attest to the fact that it works for me. I’m a believer. When I got up from that table after that first treatment as a guinea pig, my neck pain was gone.


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John Braithwaite

HI do you do Reflexology treatments?

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